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2013 Expo Industry Award Winners

Congratulations to the Industry Award Winners at the 2013 Engineering Expo!

Electrical and Computer Engineering


First Place

NAV 2000 Team

NAV 2000

Kyle Mackwood, Matt Cook and James MacInnes

Pilots will appreciate this tool sponsored by Val Avionics to aid in perfect landings and point-to-point navigation. New technology has allowed designers to build the smallest navigation system on the market at an affordable price.  Pilots looking to upgrade their navigation system are already placing orders for the NAV 2000— even before it is released.  Press release.


Second Place

Library Occupancy Monitor Team

Library Occupancy Monitor

Abdulrahman Alhuwaikim, Brady Fry and Hassan Alwehaimid

Instead of wandering around Valley Library trying to find a place to sit, this new system allows students to check a central billboard to find available seating. Sensors detect when someone is occupying a desk and the information is sent to a server.


Third Place

UAV Team

Autonomous UAV

Brandon Fry, Devon Pelkey and Mike Archbold

This remote control helicopter can take off on its own, follow a designated flight pattern, take a picture at its destination and return to back to base. View video. The UAV is also featured in the Expo video.


Computer Science


First Place

GoogleTV Streaming Media App

GoogleTV Streaming Media App

Alex Buchanan, David Fontenot, Ben Lambert and Yan Yu

Many people have media scattered all over their home network in a perfect world, you could play it all via your home entertainment system. Now you can using Conduit, an Android media browser and player that runs on Google TV devices. This free open-source app is simple and easy to use. The app scans the network and finds media for you, so no configuration or technical knowledge is necessary.


Second Place



Steven Reid, Patrick Simonson, David Taylor and Ryan Kalb

The days of analog speedometers are numbered. This project reinvents how a car dashboard could look using a video screen with control buttons on the steering wheel. Critical car data, like speed, remain on the screen at all times but drivers can select to display other options like climate or music. This Expo exhibit will include a driving simulator so visitors can take the system for a test drive. View video.


Third Place

BuyBott screenshot


Darren Marshall and Lyndsay Toll

BuyBott is an online product outlet where you can search, compare, share, and buy products from different websites.  BuyBott is designed so that people can get what they want with minimal effort, they get points and rewards for doing things, and the whole site is well-integrated into social networks. Also, it combines multiple websites into one search so you can find your deals quickly.