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Secret Sauce

secret sauce

We’ll let you in on the secret.

There are several ingredients in our sauce that we think makes us different from other universities. With a culture of collaboration and innovation, we’re making a positive difference in the world by conducting research and training engineers to find creative solutions to problems that enable people to live safer, smarter, more productive lives.

Culture of Innovation

Our environment nurtures innovative world-class engineers who create solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

Whether it’s a faculty member and graduate students working to increase the efficiency of solar cells, or undergraduate students in the robotics club building a Mars rover to compete in the annual University Rover Competition, we emphasize innovation and creativity.

Collaborative Community Changing the World

Our students and faculty collaborate with partners in industry and academia to make a positive difference in the world.

Oregon State University’s size and openness makes it easy to create research partnerships, not only across campus, but with other universities, industry and agencies as well. And students have the opportunity to collaborate with students from other disciplines.

Translational Research: Ideas to Impact

We contribute to economic vitality by translating our research results from good ideas to solutions for real products and companies.

In recent years, faculty have been successful in turning their ideas into real products and solutions and have either spun them off into companies or licensed the technology to existing companies. From creating alternative energy solutions to saving time and money by creating efficient computing solutions, our faculty and their graduate students not only create jobs, but help people lead better lives.

Leadership-Ready Graduates

We prepare our graduates for leadership in the profession and life.

We are preparing our graduates to not only be work-ready, but leadership-ready as well. We give students numerous opportunities to participate in work experiences and other activities that help them become leaders who are ready to make an impact when they graduate. They learn to become leaders by being leaders.

Authentic Engineering Experiences

Our students learn engineering in a culture of innovation with abundant hands-on, real world experiences.

We know that true learning comes outside the classroom as well as inside the classroom. Our students have unique opportunities to experience hands-on learning through experiential based curriculum, open source programming, student clubs, and a variety of internship opportunities.