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Chen, C-H., J. Crop, J. Chae, P. Y. Chiang, and G. C. Temes, "A 12-bit 7 µW/channel 1 kHz/channel incremental ADC for biosensor interface circuits", 2012 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems - ISCAS 2012, Seoul, Korea (South), IEEE, pp. 2969 - 2972, 05/2012.
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Crop, J., E. Krimer, N. Moezzi-Madani, R. Pawlowski, T. Ruggeri, P. Y. Chiang, and M. Erez, "Error Detection and Recovery Techniques for Variation-Aware CMOS Computing: A Comprehensive Review", Journal of Low Power Electronics and Applications, vol. 1, issue 3, pp. 334 - 356, 12/2011.
Crop, J., S. Fairbanks, R. Pawlowski, and P. Y. Chiang, "150mV sub-threshold Asynchronous multiplier for low-power sensor applications", 2010 International Symposium on VLSI Design, Automation and Test (VLSI-DAT), Hsin Chu, Taiwan, IEEE, pp. 254 - 257, 04/2010.