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Liu, H., V. Venkatesan, M. E. Magana, C. Nilsen, and R. Kyker, "Performance of Frequency Hopped Noncoherent GFSK over Time-Varying Rayleigh Fading Channels", International Journal on Wireless & Optical Communications, vol. 2, pp. 51–61, 06/2004.
Venkatesan, V., H. Liu, C. Nilsen, R. Kyker, and M. E. Magana, "Performance of an optimally spaced PPM ultra-wideband system with direct sequence spreading for multiple access", 2003 IEEE 58th Vehicular Technology Conference VTC 2003, Orlando, FL, IEEE, pp. 602 - 606 Vol.1, 10/2003.
Liu, H., V. Venkatesan, C. Nilsen, R. Kyker, and M. E. Magana, "Performance of frequency hopped noncoherent GFSK in correlated Rayleigh fading channels", IEEE International Conference on Communications ICC '03., vol. 4, Anchorage, AK, IEEE, pp. 2779 - 2783, 05/2003.