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Wager, J. F., K. Hoshino, E. S. Sundholm, R. E. Presley, R. Ravichandran, C. C. Knutson, D. A. Keszler, R. L. Hoffman, D. A. Mourey, and J. Robertson, "A framework for assessing amorphous oxide semiconductor thin-film transistor passivation", Journal of the Society for Information Display, vol. 20, issue 10, pp. 589 - 595, 10/2012. Abstract

Best paper of 2012 for the Journal of Information Display

Triska, J., J. F. Conley, R. E. Presley, and J. F. Wager, "Bias stress stability of zinc-tin-oxide thin-film transistors with Al2O3 gate dielectrics", Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer Structures, vol. 28, issue 4, pp. C5I1, 07/2010. Abstract
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