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Jensen, C., "Toward a method for privacy vulnerability analysis", Extended abstracts of the 2004 conference on Human factors and computing systems - CHI '04, Vienna, Austria, ACM Press, pp. 1563, 04/2004.
Jensen, C., J. Davis, and S. Farnham, "Finding others online", Proceedings of ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems: CHI 2002, Minneapolis, MN, ACM Press, pp. 447-454, 04/2002.
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Bruckman, A., C. Jensen, and A. DeBonte, "Gender and programming achievement in a CSCL environment", Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning: CSCL 2002, Boulder, CO, Association for Computational Linguistics, pp. 119-127, 01/2002.
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Bruckman, A., and C. Jensen, "The Mystery of the Death of MediaMOO: Seven Years of Evolution of an Online Community", Building Virtual Communities, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, pp. 21 - 33, 2002.
Jensen, C., S. D. Farnham, S. M. Drucker, and P. Kollock, "The effect of communication modality on cooperation in online environments", Proceedings of the SIGCHI conference on Human factors in computing systems - CHI '00, The Hague, The Netherlands, ACM Press, pp. 470 - 477, 04/2000.
Elliott, J., A. Bruckman, E. Edwards, and C. Jensen, "Uneven Achievement in a Constructionist Learning Environment", Proceedings of the International Conference on the Learning Sciences, Ann Arbor, MI, pp. 157-163, 06/2, 2000.
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