Sample abstract for writing exercise

This is an example abstract from a previous year, and for ECE senior design. It is not an example of what yours should look like.

Our project entails the creation of a wireless network that communicates between vehicles and a user interface display within the vehicle to create an overall safer driving experience. Our challenge is to make drivers more aware of their surroundings, by warning them of accidents in their area. By doing so, they can react accordingly, by slowing down or taking a detour in cases like visibility challenges, like dense fog, to keep accidents from happening and building up like compound accidents.

This challenge can be overcome by creating a family of embedded devices that can communicate with one another in order to notify drivers of potential hazardous situations that the devices and algorithms together detect, like head on collisions, spin outs and roll overs. This will make roads a safer place by giving drivers real-time information updates from other vehicles in the network. Also part of our project is getting and using data from the cars computer, via the OBD-II port, like speed, RPMs, etc., to inform the driver of information not readily available to them. These warnings and messages and information will be displayed on the interface display inside the car.

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