Capstone project blog

Due Date: weekly updates from now until forever (or at least project completion)

Please make sure you've set up your OneNote notebook first!

For this class, you will be periodically posting updates on a weekly basis. We will be making use of the OneNote notebook for these updates. Each of these should go in the page corresponding to each week.

For every week from now until the end of Spring term, you will be providing (at least) one update per week per team member BY FRIDAY of the week in question. This update should include plans for the coming week, your progress since last week, and any problems you encountered -- the so-called P3. Beyond this minimum requirement, I encourage you to be creative. Some teams may want to include full details of their entire project, start to finish. Others may want to post videos showing off demos of the current state of their project. Be creative, have fun, and be informative. Remember, your client, your TA, and I will all be reading these on a regular basis. While this will not be your only mode of communication, it is an important one, so treat it as such.

Each of these updates will be in your personal notebook, and each is required of all team members. They should cover what YOU have done this week, as well as any group level updates that you feel are important to share.

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