Problem Statement

Due Date: Monday, 9 October, 23:59:59

Bring digital or hard copy draft to class for peer review on Tuesday, 10 October

Email verification by client of satisfactory completion of FINAL DRAFT will be due 20 Oct. More information about this verification process will be provided on Tuesday, 10 October. (You should only be at level 2 of 10 in the freak-out meter on this verification right now).


Develop a working definition and description of the problem you will be solving. Include details from client meeting. Identify metrics answering the following question: What are the desired outcomes? How will you know when you've solved the client's problem?


translating client demands into technical solutions; articulating development goals in writing; creating performance metrics

Assignment Description

Now that you have met your project group and have (hopefully) contacted and heard back from your sponsor, you need to sit down with them and really hammer out what, exactly, your project is intended to be. As we all know, some of the project descriptions on Capstone web site are rather...vague. In many cases, that vagueness is due to the limited space on the original project template, rather than any confusion in the mind of the project sponsor.

Sit down (most likely virtually) with your sponsor, and have a conversation about what project is. Within the context and boundaries of their initial ideas, make your voice heard. After all, this is your project to design and implement. Please do not be pushy or rude, and remember that you have to make your sponsor happy with the project. This assignment will be individually graded; however, you can discuss your ideas with your teammates and share any research resources you might have, if you choose to.

To Do List

Include (at minimum):

Keep in mind, part of the point of this document is to define the project in a way that leaves both you and the client happy.

This document is not intended as a requirements document, which is much longer, more detailed, and written for a more technical audience than the problem statement. For this assignment, you will be providing the reader with 10,000 foot view through descriptions and definitions.

Format Guidelines


There are 2 versions of TeX installed on the ENGR servers. There is the default in /usr/bin, as well as a more up to date version in /usr/local/apps/tex_live/current/bin/x86_64-linux. If you choose to use the latter, please ensure you are very explicit with your makefile.

pdflatex can produce some seriously odd output, especially with the more technical document classes and figures. I highly recommend you use your makefile to go to PDF via DVI and PS. See here for a makefile you can use if you don't already have one.

PSTricks is a LaTeX package that be used to create figures directly in your document.

There are a large number of online TeX editors available to you, both free and pay. Feel free to make use of them, but double check your resulting file that it produces the output you desire on the ENGR servers. These servers are where your file will be compiled for grading purposes.

Please make use of tools available to you. If you do not have access to a suitable recording location, please use the facilities available in the Valley Library. They have recording equipment as well as rooms available.

Appendices are for additional, explanatory content. Do not include any required pieces in an appendix. Good uses of an appendix include more detailed code listings, additional screen shots showing more details for those interested, etc.

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