Quantified Self Tools with Beeminder

Name: Daniel Reeves
Affiliation: Beeminder
Phone: 734-276-7285
E-mail: dreeves@beeminder.com
Website: http://beeminder.com
Knowledge Required: Web development in a framework like Ruby on Rails or Node.js. Comfortable with REST APIs. The kind of students who enjoy the problems at projecteuler.net would make a good fit with the Beeminder folks.
Motivation: Beeminder is a goal tracking and motivational tool that plots users' progress towards self-defined goals. If users keep all of their datapoints on the "Yellow Brick Road" then Beeminder will always be free. Go off the road and users (literally) pay the price.
Description: Build a tool to track a personal fitness or productivity metric using the API of a web service or gadget (like a Fitbit) and send the data to a Beeminder graph. That much should be relatively easy but the scope can be expanded to include a suite of metrics, possibly tracked via a new smartphone app.
Objectives: Beeminder works best when users don't have to report data manually. We'll identify a quantified self gadget (we already integrate with many popular ones like Fitbit and Garmin) or a web tool and use the Beeminder API and other web APIs to automatically create Beeminder graphs based on external data. Here's an example of a similar tool for tracking wordcounts of documents, for writers to graph their writing progress: http://scribeminder.com and see http://blog.beeminder.com/oauth for more about the Beeminder API.
Deliverables: A program that automatically adds data to a Beeminder graph.
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