Social device for non-technical users

Name: Arian Kulp
Affiliation: Multiple
Phone: 541-394-0078
Knowledge Required: • Cordova (Android) with Angular+Ionic
• Interest in human-computer interaction (HCI)
• Strong Javascript
• Strong CSS
Motivation: • Improve the user experience
• Approach native app performance
• Increase and improve feature set to make device even more useful
Description: The project relates to a simplified social device. The device uses Android as its underlying operating system and runs a dedicated app. The app is the only way to interact with the device and connects users to their friends and family.
Objectives: Help to optimize the dedicated app (Cordova/Android) for maximum performance. This includes transitions, data loading, caching, storage, and any other considerations.
Deliverables: Code is in a private repository on GitHub. Upon starting the project, students would be assigned access to a new branch. All deliverables will be contained within that repository.
Other comments: You should have a strong desire to make high performance apps that make it easy for non-technical people to get things done. Two people can apply for this project.

   D. Kevin McGrath
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