OSU Robotics Club Mars Rover Ground Station

Name: Nick McComb
Affiliation: OSU Robotics Club
E-mail: mccombn@oregonstate.edu
Website: https://osurobotics.club/rover/
Knowledge Required: - Python
- Software testing
- ROS (preferred, not required)
- QT (preferred, not required)
- Previous robotics experience helpful
Motivation: Robust and well-tested ground station control software is critical to the success of the Mars Rover during competition as the Rover is primarily manually remote operated via this software. It is the main point of contact between interpreting control information and sending it to the Rover. This software is required for the Rover to function.
Description: Using PyQT and ROS (Robot Operating System), build ground station software for the OSU Robotics Club's Mars Rover participating in the University Rover Challenge. This software will be responsible for providing live visual feedback of the Rover state during operation, as well as sending control information provided by controllers or GUI interaction via a remote radio link.
- Provide GPS mapped feedback (GPS data provided by Rover) about the Rover's location, speed, heading, etc on a user interactable map.
- Allow for plotting of GPS points on the aforementioned map for use during the dead reckoning autonomous portion of the competition.
- Allow for the placement of simple "points of interest" map markers via GPS coordinates or by clicking and placing a point on the map.
- Show status of Rover systems, sensors, and states via textual data display, graphs, and/or graphics as needed to be easy to read and interpret quickly.
- As needed, provide the ability to changes states and settings on the Rover remotely via GUI elements.
- Display one or more video streams from the Rover on the ground station, with the ability to change which cameras are active.
- Interact with multiple controllers (traditionally an XBOX controller, and FrSky drone controller) to allow for remote driving of the Rover via the ground station software. Controllers will provide control of drive, camera, and arm control systems at a minimum.
- In combination with all the above, remotely transmit control data while receiving and interpreting feedback data from the rover over a remote radio link (network packets over a remote Ethernet connection)
- Ensure that software is robust and well tested, especially in conditions of weak radio connectivity where control and/or feedback information has the potential to be lost
- Provide logging and debug information on the GUI as needed.
Deliverables: - Fully functional software as per the objectives above, before the competition date during June of 2018.
Other comments: Motivated team members will be invited to attend the competition in Hanskville, UT.

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