Healthy Dogs! Software for Managing Pet Safety at a Veterinary Hospital

Name: C Eseonu
Affiliation: MIME
Phone: 7-0024
Knowledge Required: All coding languages welcome.
Motivation: Off the shelf solutions for hospital management are often inadequate, generic, and cause frustration. As a primary referral facility, the OSU Veterinary Hospital needs a customized system for managing hospital operations. The ability to create a system that mirrors ideal workflow will reduce errors, help ease patient (dog, cats, horses, etc) suffering, and allow owners track their pets' treatment from their office or home (without having to wait all day or call to check-in).
Description: The OSU Veterinary Hospital serves is a primary Veterinary referral hospital in the Willamette Valley. Patients and owners from across the state rely on the veterinary services in the small and large animal hospitals and must liaise with their primary veterinarians back home. The hospital currently uses a decades old, self developed, software to manage appointments, track patients, communicate within the hospital and with Veterinarians, etc. This project will create a state of the art software package for managing and visualizing hospital operations, including patient flow, appointment scheduling, in-house communications, communication with referring veterinarians and owners, etc. The hospital staff are excited at the prospect of working with OSU students to resolve the long standing software challenges.
Objectives: Develop a state of the art electronic system for managing hospital operations.
Deliverables: System must be compatible with windows surface tablets and desktop computers
System must allow real time patient tracking, messaging, etc
System should be capable of sending messages via email or text
System should have secure (private) and unsecure (public) portals - private for in hospital communications; public for sharing information with owners
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