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Name: Joseph Francis Junker
Affiliation: OSU MIME - Energy Efficiency Center
Phone: 541/737-5034
E-mail: junkerj@oregonstate.edu
Website: http://eec.oregonstate.edu/
Knowledge Required: Capstone Team Members must know how to code in web based languages such as PHP, HTML, Java, and SQL and also need to have an understanding of how to foster the connection between websites and databases. A basic understanding of chemistry and energy systems would be helpful but is not required.
Motivation: To track operational data at a higher level and to be able to evolve as process changes are made. Also, to provide a real life business based project to OSU students.
Description: The OSU Energy Efficiency Center (EEC) is seeking help to update a database and website interface that allows for accurate information tracking related to EEC operations. The OSU Energy Efficiency Center is a campus base (MIME) grant funded group made up of OSU students and faculty mentors. Our primary project goal is to help manufacturing and industrial companies increase productivity while reducing energy and resource consumption and associated costs. After making preparations and touring a facility we generate and deliver a report outlining energy and productivity recommendations. The center also obtains funding for other related energy and efficiency projects. The subject database is key to coordinating this diversity of tasks while tracking student progress and project results.

The center’s current database and website is used to track everything that happens at the center from projects and reports to personnel information. This is integral to our productivity and it records each aspect of what is accomplished at the center everyday. Over the years, different programmers have been adding to the website and database with little documentation. This has lead to a degradation of the website’s code. The current underlying code is now disorganized, and at some points, functionality is compromised. The website interface is also based on an outdated version of MYSQL. We would like a team to work with us on development of a new website interface with the most current version of MYSQLi. We are interested in learning about and exploring new ways to create our site and store our data. The main functionality required of the database and website is that it must be highly organized and flexible. The center regularly revises working processes in a process of continuous improvement. This and new ideas for the database and website’s functionality can result in needed changes. Therefore, the process for making changes should be simple. For example, changing the color scheme on all the pages or adding a new page with a new function should not be complicated. The project needs to be well documented so new analysts with appropriate programing background are able to review the code and easily understand how it works.

The development team is invited to enjoy benefits of the center such as attending a facility tour in the pacific northwest. This is a great way to learn new things that would not necessarily be available to programmers. We would really appreciate the ability to work with a team that can bring in new exciting ideas and who can help us create a site that will help the center for years as it continues to help reduce energy use.

Objectives: Develop an updated website interface and SQL database that can be used to track and record operational data for the Energy Efficiency Center. This website will be an updated version of the current site, capturing current well used functionalities while implementing additional features that the center requires.
Deliverables: 1) An organized, well documented, and secure website capturing key current functionality that can be readily maintained, developed and revised as needed in the future.

2) Additional new database functionality.
Other comments: The SQL database the website accesses contains confidential client information that must remain confidential.

It is specifically requested that one student that started working with the center on this database and website interface this summer be included on the capstone team for this project. His name is: Minsung (Daniel) Choi (choimi@oregonstate.edu)

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