30K Rocket Spaceport America Team

Name: Nancy Squires
Affiliation: Mechanical Engineering, Oregon State University
Phone: 541-737-2337
E-mail: squiresn@oregonstate.edu
Knowledge Required: Senior-level background in computer science and a passion for aerospace.
The Capstone seniors will design, build and launch a rocket to compete in the Advanced Category of the ESRA intercollegiate rocket engineering competition (IREC) at Spaceport America in June 2018.
The rocket will be designed to reach an altitude of 30,000 ft and carry an innovative payload. Details of the competition can be found at www.soundingrocket.org . The competition Capstone team will consist of 4 mechanical engineering sub-teams, including Structures /Integration, Aerodynamics /Stability /Recovery, Propulsion /Launch Systems, and Payload /Electronics Integration. The team will be collaborating with additional 3 electrical engineering and 3 computer science Capstone students.
Objectives: Computer science students will be involved in the user interface between the rocket at launch through the trajectory of the rocket and final recovery.
Deliverables: The project deliverable is the successful launch and recovery of a rocket in both the test phases and at the competition. CS requirements include improvement of the interface between the rocket and the ground station, and graphical display of data acquired during the launch and recovery phase, including velocity, motor thrust, acceleration, roll rates and GPS coordinates.
Other comments: If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at squiresn@oregonstate.edu

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