CAD for Conceptual Assemblies

Name: Matthew I Campbell
Affiliation: MIME
Phone: 7-6549
Website: N/A
Knowledge Required: computer graphics, GUI development
Motivation: This is part of a larger potential DARPA project to develop new design tools for the creation of military vehicles, robotics, and wearable computers.
Description: A GUI platform for automatically creating 3D Voronoi diagrams within an arbitrary tessellated form is requested. Within the form, a graph (like a circuit) is to be moved around by a user and the shape and size allocated per node in the graph is to be determined and visualized. This is to be used by electro-mechanical engineering designers who are provided with a desired product form (e.g. imagine a concept sketch for VR goggles) and need to fit a circuit or assembly within that form. This is to allow engineering designers to "play with" different 3D positioning (or component packing) of the components prior to working in CAD tools like SolidWorks or Xpedition that require detailed component shapes.
Objectives: 1. Present a mockup of the GUI with capabilities to (1) load the assembly graph/circuit, (2) load a tessellated shape, (3) move nodes in the graph, (4) present details about each node’s partition.
2. Implement a prototype of the GUI described in Objective 1.
Deliverables: 1. a software prototype with a GUI and some API-like extensibility
2. documentation for user and further sofware development
Other comments: none at this time

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