Solar Car Simulation

Name: Cailin Moore
Affiliation: OSU - Phoenix Solar Racing
Phone: (615) 830 - 3479
Knowledge Required: - Basic understanding of Physics concepts 
- Software or GUI development experience recommended  
- Familiar with C++ and/or Java recommended
Motivation: Phoenix Solar Racing will be racing next summer. The team wants to improve our racing strategy in preparation for the ASC.
Description: Phoenix Solar Racing is building a new solar powered car to race in the American Solar Challenge in 2018. The ASC race is a cross country race that tests the cars' ability to travel across various environments. To be successful in the race, teams must strategize how to maximize distance covered while minimizing energy usage. Capstone students will design and build a program to simulate the energy usage of a solar powered vehicle. This software will calculate the optimum race speed given variable parameters that affect the car's energy usage, similar to the software used by Tesla to estimate range based on charge.  
Objectives: - Estimate the energy usage of the vehicle over a given time period or distance at a given speed. 
- Estimate the required speed to use a given amount of energy to cover a given distance in a specified amount of time.  
- Include factors like the electrical and mechanical efficiency of the vehicle and the prevailing weather conditions (I.e. sunny, rainy, partly cloudy). 
Provide a simple, easy-to-use interface to allow team members to use the software efficiently. 
Deliverables: Functional application with an intuitive GUI that provides accurate estimates with varying parameters.
Other comments: Alternative Contact: Gray Johnson-

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