AR Sandbox for Construction Planning

Name: Joseph Louis
Knowledge Required: 3D graphics
Unity or Unreal Game Engines
HW knowledge: working with Kinect and position tracking sensors for the point and click device
Motivation: The motivation for this research is to radically redefine the way that construction and highway planning is done through the use of appropriate novel interfaces that have found application in other areas. The developed tool can greatly enhance collaborative design and planning during the design and construction phases of highways and find applications with state transportation agencies, construction contractors, and design agencies.
Description: Tangible interfaces such as AR sandboxes that seamlessly integrate tactile manipulation of physical material with real-time computer graphics have the potential to transform the way we interact with and engage with data. However, we have only started to scratch the surface of this powerful medium with toy programs used in science communication activities for K-12 students (e.g.: ). This project intends to expand the capabilities of this medium by creating applications for real-world engineering problems such as highway design, earthwork planning, disaster recovery simulations etc. upon the foundation of the AR sandbox.
Objectives: - Create an AR sandbox consisting of a depth sensor (e.g: Microsoft Kinect) and projector that can display graphics on a sandbox
- Program software using a gaming engine (e.g: Unity or Unreal) that can create 3D graphics to be projected on the sand depending on user interactions
- Create a handheld mouse or pointer-like interaction device that enables users to point and click on UI elements that are projected on the sand.
Deliverables: - Software application to define and edit alignments of roadway with the AR sandbox interface.
- Hardware tool to point and click on UI elements that are projects on the sandbox interface.
Other comments: If scope of project is too big, the UI device could taken out of the current scope and the focus could be on developing just the software application running in the background

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