Interactive Music Theory/Composition App

Name: Lukas Hein
Affiliation: Western Oregon University
Phone: 541 745 8973
Knowledge Required: How to build an app for IOS and Android devices.
Motivation: My primary motivation is educational. I have been teaching, studying, composing and performing music for over 20 years. In that time it has become increasingly clear to me that standard approaches to theory are convoluted and impractical. Furthermore, they often omit entirely any direct explanation of the most critical principles underlying musical logic. Thus my primary motivation is to offer a tool that empowers students to more efficiently achieve a greater mastery of music than is possible through traditional means of training.

Creating an economically productive app is a secondary motivation for this project.
Description: Creating an app that will demonstrate and allow interaction with the most fundamental components of music theory. The goal of this project is to help students learn the language of music with greater efficiency and clarity, and create a conceptual framework for understanding and synthesizing a diversity of musical lexicons.
Objectives: - To improve the quality of music education
- To empower music students with greater knowledge and understanding
- To bring a viable product to market
Deliverables: An interactive music theory app for IOS and Android devices
Other comments: I hope this project will be a highly collaborative effort. I know the musical material extremely well but am entirely ignorant of programming. I am prepared to meet with the team more than just 1 hour per week as needed, and intend to make strategic and design decisions through consultation as a team. IP rights will be determined in this manner as well at the outset of the collaboration.

I am deeply passionate about this project! Improving music education is singularly important to me as a musician and an educator, and finding a capable team of people to work with in this endeavor would be awesome!

   D. Kevin McGrath
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