Database Re-Design for STEM Academy

Name: Carole Rodriguez
Affiliation: STEM Academy
Phone: (541)737-8139
Knowledge Required: - Technological skills to fully understand the existing database design and make changes to that design which will meet the Program needs.
- Personal skills to work with non-computer science employees to attain a full understanding of the needs of the Program and collaborate regularly over the course of the project.
Motivation: - A desire to prove that you have the personal skills to communicate with others to fully understand a problem and technological skills to solve that problem.
- A desire to want to make a lasting impact on youth…we need a database and online survey that allows us to easily access information that will be used to apply for funding for future growth. (See comments below for an example of the way this Program impacts others)
Description: Are you looking for a project that will make a long term impact on children who will be the future students of science and technology? Look no further. STEM Academy is a growing self-funded program in desperate need of a database to compile and assess survey data used to determine it’s impacts on participants and apply for future funding from various sources. A Capstone team developed a database system last year; however, it is not yet fully functional to meet our needs. This year’s team will need to review the coding from last year’s project and improve on the database system in several ways, as well as implement some standard reporting, including graphics, that is pre-programmed into the system. Leave your legacy and prove your skills by helping us develop the tools necessary to make it easier to generate data that will be used to talk to funders and supporters of our Program.
Objectives: - Work collaboratively with a non-computer science employee to fully understand the needs of the Program so that the database system can be appropriately re-designed to meet all of the Program needs.
- Study the current coding of the existing database and develop additional coding that will modify the database address the remaining concerns of the Program.
- Take the report generation to the next level by developing standard reports that will be generated in a fully usable format, including graphics.
- Ensure that the database is developed to allow for changes in the survey data or allow for changes to the reports, should additional information become necessary in the future.
Deliverables: A fully functioning database that has been loaded with sample data from this past summer and testing of the report generation capabilities to ensure that data is adequately displayed with graphics so that the information can be shared directly with funders.
Other comments: Students in technology fields have incredibly important skills that are needed in companies and organizations today. However, a key component in being able to utilize those skills is having the ability to work with those in other fields to understand their needs and solve their problems. This project will prove that you have those skills.
The more you know about our program, the more you will understand that having a system to easily access survey information increases our ability to impact lives. We need this information to apply for future funding and continue our growth. Did you know that we offer academic camps, and that one of the data points we collect is whether the camp made the student want to work harder in school? You will be amazed that we had one camp (3 hours per day for one week) in which 82% of the participants said that participating in the camp made them want to work harder in school. We need to be able to easily collect this information so that we can tell others about what a difference this Program is making.

   D. Kevin McGrath
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