Modernized Email List Serve

Name: David Vasquez
Affiliation: Oregon State University
Knowledge Required: Knowledge of Python, JavaScript, a JavaScript framework and a server side language of your choice. I have a lot of server side code that could be integrated into the project.
Motivation: The motivation is creating a more up to date email list that allows groups of people to be able to interact more freely. There are many social networks but this is different it is more a utility to allow targeted interaction.
Description: The goal of this project is to build a new social email list that is built on the top of existing email list serve technology (Python Gnu Mailman). It will be a web application (or mobile) that allows users to interact without “replying all.”
An example would be you’re a member of the OSU Computer Science Department. The list owner can still use it for official emails, but as a member you can interact on the website (or app) with other users. When you interact it will be on the site group with an option of receiving all the replies as an aggregated email (daily, weekly, monthly).
So for example for the CS List Serve students could post to other members about housing, books for sale, startup ideas, events, etc. Other ways this would be used would be other email lists such as other OSU Departments, OSU Clubs, Major Related Lists that span Universities (Physics, Marine Biology) and Outside Organizations.
The goal will be to build upon and improve current email lists while keeping all of their functionality.
Objectives: The first part will be creating a more user friendly web (or app) interface making it easier for non-technical users to use the list. The second part will be a social platform allowing members of the list to interact or “reply” to emails without sending it to the whole email list.
Deliverables: A working web application and email list built on the GNU Mailman.
The project will use and create a website (or app) that allows all the list members to interact.
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