Campus Events Mobile App

Name: David Vasquez
Affiliation: Oregon State University
Knowledge Required: Ability to develop an application you can choose how you want to do it but potentially Java, XML, Swift, Objective C or React Native. If work is done on the server either Python, Node JS, PHP or a language of your choice. It will include a secure login and ideally will use JSON for the API.
Motivation: The motivation is creating an app that will allow the user to not miss out on events they want to attend. It will also give them control over what they want to see and how they want to be notified about events (email, app notification, text).
Description: Evently is a mobile app that will initially be developed for the OSU Community that makes it easier to find events you are interested in attending. It will do so by allowing you to follow any organization that has events. Some examples would be Student Organizations, the Career Development Center, the OSU Baseball Team, the College of Business, etc. When you follow a group you will have all of their events loaded into the calendar in the app. Another feature will be to find events by category. For instance, you could search for volunteer opportunities, music, sports, intramurals, etc. I have been speaking with different campus groups to work on syncing events through their various APIs and Calendars.
Objectives: The objective is to develop a mobile application able to access an API with event details.
Deliverables: A working mobile application ideally for an iPhone but android would be nice also. I can provide most of the REST API if the team wants it.
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