Learn-to-Code Kiosk

Name: Arian Kulp
Affiliation: Multiple
Phone: 541-394-0078
E-mail: ariankulp@gmail.com
Website: http://www.ogpc.info
Knowledge Required: • Experience with block-based logic would be very helpful, specifically Scratch, Stencyl, or the like
• Ability to program visual apps with natural interactions like drag-and-drop, right-click, and double-click
• Visual design and awareness of human-computer interface principles
• Preferable: Experience with localizing app strings
• Preferable: Experience with integrating app analytics
Motivation: • Get kids interested in computer programming
• Give kids an opportunity to try computer programming
• Promote the Oregon Game Project Challenge
Description: Create a kiosk app (no system menus, no ability to exit app or modify computer) to make it easy for kids to learn basic coding and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Design, Math) skills. The expected user interface would be similar to Scratch or Stencyl. A library of background images, sprites, and sound effects would be available. Creations would be saved to the cloud so kids could take their creations with them.
Objectives: • Introduce kids to computer programming through game development using a simple design
• Increase awareness of the Oregon Game Project Challenge
• Fire up kids' imaginations so they want to program more
Deliverables: Source code in a Github repository
Other comments: This would likely support more than one programmer. Stretch goals (if multiple people joined) might be to provide additional tools so multiple kids could collaborate on a game at the same time.

   D. Kevin McGrath
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