Multi-camera, System-on-Chip (SoC) based, real-time video processing for UAS and VR/AR applications.

Name: Carlo Tiana
Affiliation: Rockwell Collins HGS
Phone: 503 575 5768
Knowledge Required: Electrical Engineering
Systems Integration
Board layout, camera interfaces.
Motivation: Ubiquity of multispectral camera systems, ground and air based (UAS, commercial flight) requires real time processing analysis in self contained systems. SoC/SoPC devices provide attractive SWAP-C for this application.
Description: This project will deliver a multiple camera/multiple spectral band image processing, recording and display system suitable as a UAV/light air vehicle payload.
Objectives: Integrate compact hardware based around a Jetson NVIDIA TX1/2 module to demonstrate self-contained, multiple-camera data acquisition processing and recording. Solution should be flyable on small/medium sized UAS.
Deliverables: TX1/2 module (not DevKit) based video processor and display/recording system (4K HDMI output).
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