OPEnSampler Remote Deployment

Name: Chet Udell
Affiliation: OSU | Openly Published Environmental Sensing Lab
Phone: 541-737-4043
Knowledge Required: Must have combination of following: Arduino IDE, Circuits, Microprocessors, programming for iOS.
Preferred additional skills:
Motivation: • Be an integral part of OPEnSampler's development, a powerful open-source environmental sensor with wide impact on ecological studies.
• Gain experience using BLE to get electronics to interact with iOS
• Gain Experience with GSM technology to transmit scientific data over cell network.
Description: Develop BLE iOS apps and GSM data service for OPEnSampler, an Open Source Scientific Instrument.
Objectives: OPEnSampler is a cutting edge scientific instrument developed by the OPEnS Lab @ OSU. It enables scientists to measure a staggering amount of environmental data by collecting water samples in remote locations at scheduled intervals.
The Problem: Deploying these instruments in remote locations, there is no telling if the devices are working properly or need service - requiring frequent and expensive maintenance visits to site locations. Programming and customizing sampler functionality in the field requires a USB serial connection. Your team will develop a GSM data service for the sampler to send periodic status updates in text or email format as well as iOS apps for scientists to easily configure settings from their phone.
Deliverables: • iOS UI control interface for configuring OPEnSampler parameters.
• Ability for device to send status updates via text or email from the field to researchers
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