CoverageJSON Response Handler for OPeNDAP

Name: Lewis John McGibbney
Affiliation: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Phone: +16264873476
Knowledge Required: It is essential that Engineering team have a rooted interest in scientific technologies and data produced by agencies such as NASA, NOAA, USGS, etc. as well as an understanding (or aptitude to learn about) scientific data formats such as netCDF, HDF, GIS formats, etc. Students must be reasonably fluent in Python and C/C++ programming languages. Engineering team should be fluent in *nix system navigation and administration. Candidates should be VERY prepared to work with Open Source communities (primarily at the OPeNDAP Github Org and possibly communities within the Apache Software Foundation) to find solutions and develop open source solutions based upon their own willing and initiative. All code will be permissively licensed under preferably the Apache License v2.0.
Motivation: Previous work has been undertaken to develop and evangelize CovJSON as an emerging data model and representation format for coverage data. Some of this work has been partly undertaken as part of a NASA Earth Science Data Systems Working Group on Search Relevancy under a subgroup focusing on Content-based Optimization for Commercial Search Engines. The work aims to extend the usability of CovJSON beyond what we have done so far, by integrating OPenDAP and CovJSON. This would be the
first implementation of it’s kind and would be a real step forward in terms of improving interpretation and publication workflows for Coverage data at NASA and further afield e.g. all consumers of OPenDAP.
Description: CoverageJSON (or CovJSON for short) is a JSON-based format and specification for encoding coverage data such as that acquired by NASA's satellites. It is primarily intended to be used as a means to convey data from servers to web browsers, so that web developers can develop rich, highly interactive applications based on coverage data.
OPeNDAP stands for "Open-source Project for a Network Data Access Protocol", the OPenDAP (DAP2) protocol provides a discipline-neutral means of requesting and providing data across the World Wide Web. The goal is to allow end users, whoever they may be, to access immediately whatever data they require in a form they can use, all while using applications they already possess and are familiar with. Currently OPenDAP provides data response handlers for ASCII, netCDF3, netCDF4 and binary (DAP2) object serializations. This project aims to provide a CovJSON data response handler implementation such that OPeNDAP can serve CovJSON to existing users.
Objectives: (i) Work with the NASA JPL and OPenDAP team to obtain an initial understanding of what the OPeNDAP codebase looks like, in particular how response handling works and how it can be extended; (ii) design and engineer a proposed solution for how an OPenDAP CovJSON response handler would work; and (iii) implement the solution including accompanying tests and documentation ensuring that all code contributions are fed back into the OPeNDAP project and community at regular time intervals. The final objective will ermine how successful the project is.
Deliverables: 1) A project Website served from Github 2) engineered C++ solution for the an OPenDAP CovJSON response handler, 3) tests and documentation relating to #2, 4) A poster to AGU (American Geophysical Union) which evangelizes the project.
Other comments: 2017-2018 will be our 4th Capstone project engagement with OSU. Our 2014-2015 project iPReS; The Internationalization Product Retrieval Service was a success. Details of iPReS can be found here -, and our 2015-2016 efforts ARIA-P are documented at In 2016-2017 we worked on COAL (described within the COAL-FO proposal) which won two awards, namely the CH2M Multidisciplinary Collaboration Award and an XSEDE Startup Request. We very much look forward to engaging with the current Capstone initiative and look forward to meeting our students.

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