Smarter Thunder Lamp

Name: Mike Kolitz
Knowledge Required: Electrical engineering; Software engineering; Materials construction
Motivation: The motivation for this project is to create a cheaper version of the 'Smart Thunder Lamp' from Richard Clarkson.
Description: The product is a 'smart' lamp styled after a thundercloud. The cloud will occasionally experience a lightning storm, which can optionally react to sound in the ambient environment, or to music streamed to the lamp via bluetooth.
Objectives: Cheaper cost than product from Richard Clarkson; Bluetooth audio connectivity; Desktop application (maybe app?) for updating software and configuring options; (stretch goal) Emergent behavior where clouds in close proximity will function as a single, larger cloud instead of individual clouds.
Deliverables: Prototype cloud device, Desktop software and/or mobile app for updating and configuring device, Bluetooth audio connectivity from a range of commodity smartphones.
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