RPM ( Release Point Maximizer)

Name: Rich Freedman
Affiliation: Gol-fit.com
Phone: 503-975-1907
E-mail: rafreedman4600@gmail.com
Website: www.Gol-fit.com
Knowledge Required: Ability to program algorithms and develop visuals in an app to fit both I Phone and Android applications. Knowledge of bluetooth and /or other communication pathways.
Motivation: The primary motivation is global commercialization of a wearable that can be used in a variety of sports to enable athletes of all skill levels to not just improve power output but increase the consistency of the sports motion. Currently there are no such wearable devices that provide either real-time feedback on sports motions or have the ability to set targeted motions ( e.g. wrist release points) in order to train athletes for power and accuracy. This project will provide a unique educational opportunity for students to work on an emerging technology advancement.
Description: RPM is a revolutionary sports motion device which will enable the user to learn in real- time how to increase power performance in a variety of sports. It will provide feedback on specific motions of the wrist, arm and/or lower body that significantly contribute to power output ( e.g. the distance a golf ball, baseball, football, javelin, etc. travels) by use of audible or other sensory cues to notify the user if they have met pre-programmed parameters. Virtually all current sports motion devices provide motion data after the sports movement has occurred. RPM will enable the user to "feel" the proper release point which will enable a more positive learning experience.
Objectives: The primary objective is to create an app that will receive , store and analyze information from the wearable device, create an audible or sensory signal when the correct movement parameters are achieved in accordance with our Provisional Patent filed in March, 2017 which details the apparatus and technology that will enable the user to incrementally improve a given sports motion for increased force output
Deliverables: A working prototype that will include both I Phone and Android applications
Other comments: This is a continuation of the RPM project started last year under the direction of Dr. John Parmigiani ( MIME), Early progress was slowed by our initial chip selection which was not fast enough to capture the required data. We now believe we have the proper chip and at the end of the last semester our tests indicated the new chip would have the data capture quality we seek. Unfortunately, time ran out. We believe that our project can now be successfully completed within the 2017-18 Capstone schedule. We successfully pitched this project last year and would be glad to do so again. We have made significant progress on a project we believe will be a sports industry game-changer.

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