CDK Data Stream AI

Name: Chris Smith
Phone: +15037042053
Knowledge Required: Great to have exposure of - Open Source AI Platforms
Nice to have - AWS S3 cloud storage, EC2 containers. Java React / Node
We highly value problem solvers and quick learners.
Motivation: As a solution provider, we are looking for ways to improve our customers’ experiences, we have large amounts of data streams that grow daily that we want to get better value from. We have no AI offering as a business and want to use this opportunity to explore this area more. Using Open Source AI tool we want to create a cloud based capability, and working with the team to move past the theory and create something that will change our customers’ work lives.
Description: We are looking to explore AI capabilities on our data streams and content platform.
By joining our team, you will be exposed to:
• AI Open Source tools
• AWS Tools (S3 , Elastic Search , EC2 , DynamoDB)
• Docker
• Linux platform (CentOS, Bash, Python).
• Opportunity to scale AI and learnings across our user base (up to Trillions of data point)
Objectives: Work with the business to understand how we can utilize AI in our data stream , pin point achievable goals then fulfil them with:
1. Gain insights from Data Streams
2. Predictive Analysis
3. Anomaly detection
They need to be independently deployable.
Deliverables: Write Applications or Functions, have working Code that can be run as a black box across multiple different applications, to enrich our data streams
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