3D Virtual Reality Painting

Name: Mike Bailey
Affiliation: Oregon State University
Phone: 541-737-2542
E-mail: mjb@oregonstate.edu
Website: https://www.tiltbrush.com/
Knowledge Required: You must have taken CS 450 (Introduction to Computer Graphics) last year, or be enrolled in it for Fall Quarter 2017, to bid on this project. No exceptions! If you bid on this, and are chosen, and don’t satisfy this requirement, you will be booted off the project immediately and assigned to a project you don’t want.
Motivation: There are two project sponsors: Kirsten Winters and Mike Bailey. Kirsten Winters wants to create her own 3D art in new and exciting ways. Mike Bailey likes exploring all-things-3D-graphics in new and exciting ways. Need we say more?
Description: 3D Virtual Reality Painting:
This project will create a 3D painting program, first on a monitor, then later using virtual reality. The user will use it to “paint a 3D scene around where they are standing”.
Objectives: We will start out be researching what else the world has done in computer painting in 2D on a flat monitor. We will then adapt this to designing and creating an interface that allows a user to paint in a 3D environment on a flat monitor. This means that the user can draw in 3D and can change their viewing position to look at it from different directions. Don’t underestimate how tricky this is.

We will then move this into the world of virtual reality, using an Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or something similar, along with some sort of 3D input device(s). So, the ultimate system will have the user standing in 3D, viewing in 3D, moving in 3D, and painting, flowing, bubbling, smearing, swirling, sculpting, etc. in the 3D world around them.
Deliverables: A program that lets us do all of that.
Other comments: There is a good chance that we will all be collaborating with Intel’s Virtual Reality group on this project.

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