Stock Analytics Website

Name: Brice Lemke
Affiliation: HedgeServ
Phone: (415)997-8268
Knowledge Required: Experience with or willingness to become proficient in web development
Motivation: Aggregate publicly available information to automatically create scores and visualizations that allow users to compare the attractiveness of various stocks
Description: The Capstone seniors will build an application that performs financial analytics on securities data downloaded from Google Finance, Yahoo Finance, or an equivalent public domain data source. Working with financial analysts and quantitative analysts from HedgeServ, the students will build a site that computes key asset valuation metrics and facilitates comparison of different stocks. For example, a user could select "US Airline Stocks" and the user could compare the stocks of Delta, United, Southwest, etc. on calculated metrics of forecasted growth, cash flow, return on equity, etc.
Objectives: A website that calculates some important metrics (which will be provided by HedgeServ) that can be used to inform investment decisions
Deliverables: Deployable code that can run a website with the features described
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