Code3 Visionary: Machine Learning for Public Safety

Name: Carl Niedner
Affiliation: Levrum Data Technologies
Phone: 541-829-9144
Knowledge Required: REQUIRED:
* excellent creative and problem-solving skills
* passion for software development and learning new domains
* strong experience in (C or C++) and (Java or C#)
* outstanding teamwork

* experience in Python and/or R
* some exposure to machine learning / AI
Motivation: In this project, you will apply recent applied AI research to extremely difficult problems (predicting complex event systems in sparse data spaces with many heterogeneous dimensions), alongside experienced, accomplished veterans.
Most important, the success of this project will help people who help people, and will ultimately save lives.
Description: The Code3 Strategist software is a successful commercial product, partially rooted in past Capstone projects. It enables fire/EMS planners to perform what-if analyses to evaluate deployment strategies to best serve the public. Code3 Visionary represents the next step: using modern machine learning techniques to predict FUTURE patterns of emergency incidents. In this project, you will work with an experienced team of software and applied AI developers turning successful prototypes of Code3 Visionary into a new product. This will be a CHALLENGING project that HELPS PEOPLE, with active mentorship from EXPERIENCED software and applied AI developers.
Objectives: * evaluate alternate platforms and technical approaches for incident prediction
* participate in collaborative design of core data / computation model
* prototype effective end-user interface for future event modeling
Deliverables: * Completion of nondisclosure and intellectual property assignment agreements
* Brief research report on platforms / algorithms evaluated
* Working user interface source code in our SDLC tools
* Bare-bones, but effective, technical documentation
* Participation in Engineering Expo and possibly industry events (at our expense and with your agreement)
Other comments: We have extensive experience in sponsoring Capstone projects. Our projects are not for the faint of heart -- they are challenging and require significant work. You will work side-by-side with our development team, get significant mentorship and feedback, and practice real-world development skills. Two of our previous Capstone teams have won first place at the Engineering Expo, and many of them have leveraged our Capstone projects to related industry positions -- some with us. We look forward to a challenging, rewarding and fun year!

   D. Kevin McGrath
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