Robotic Wheelchair Data Collection and Analysis

Name: Matthew William Shuman
Affiliation: OSU
Phone: 5417371072
Knowledge Required: Python, Network Communication, Robot Operating System, Electronic Circuits, Firmware Programming
Motivation: This interface is required for documenting our research topics that will assist in the next phase of this project. The end goal is cooperation with Permobil.
Description: For people with extreme disabilities such as ALS and Quadriplegia it is often hard for them to move about on their own and interact with their environments due to their immobility. Project Chiron hopes to alleviate some of this immobility with a kit that can be used on any Permobil wheelchair. A prototype has been developed, but there is a need to develop a software interface that will aid recording trial information and organizing it for further analysis. This project is primarily software, but knowledge of electrical circuits will help with documenting and interfacing with the custom kit added to the wheelchair.
Objectives: See the project description.
Deliverables: There are 3 deliverables:
1. Data collection interface to gather trial information
2. Data presentation interface for analysis of the wheelchair path and actions during the recorded trial
3. Revision and documentation of electrical prototype kit used on the wheelchair.
Other comments: Refer to this video for some current projects being developed with ROS and Powered Wheelchairs at OSU.

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