Project BoxSand Proposal 1: Integrated Learning Module System

Name: KC Walsh
Affiliation: OSU Physics Department
Phone: 541.737.4631
Knowledge Required: Full stack web dev implementing components using elements from the following languages: HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, jQuery, Ruby, postgres/SQL and Python. Also the project consists of a CMS powered by Drupal and Django. Familiarity with Docker/Kubernetes, Vagrant, VMware/vbox, node/bootstrap, *nix, domain management.
Motivation: Provide free open resources and tools for students while simultaneously performing educational data mining to determine what resources, and what path through those resources, helps students learn best
Description: Project BoxSand is a multi-faceted open source project with a few overarching goals: 1) provide open resources and learning tools to students, 2) perform educational data mining research on the efficacy of the learning tools, 3) explore new open tools. Starting in fall of 2017 introductory physics will no longer require the traditional publisher's textbook and we will be using the open resources collated on the site. The next phase, and what this project involves, is replacing the publisher's online homework system with one that is open. We need your help to do this properly. We've started by taking OpenStax Tutor, a beta level open source learning system, and seeing if it can be integrated into the BoxSand site.

Currently, the OpenStax project is developing many new features, such as a machine learning algorithm to help direct student learning, user/instructor contribution frameworks, modular content and question bases, which if implemented into Project BoxSand would help the project achieve its goals and extend its reach. I propose this CS capstone project start here, where we use your expertise to decide if that is the best approach and/or what alternative approaches/implementation exist.
Objectives: Create/implement an open source learning module system at OSU using content from the OpenStax and The main objective is to create functionality that would enable students to work through learning modules that include watching videos, reading text, interacting with simulations, and answering questions.
Implement and maintain a complete website and related services.
Setup a system to collect data about student learning experiences and outcomes. Most of this system is already in place, we need to couple it to the learning module system.
Deliverables: GitLab hosted repos along with possible contribution to other existing projects.
Other comments: Project BoxSand is large in scope and this learning module system is an important step in the process. To learn more about the larger project visit There you will find a proposal for the Scholars of Teaching Excellence that I hope to receive to help support this work and more. There are some cool videos about Project BoxSand using the LightBoard Studio.
Max Moulds, a senior in CS, is BoxSand's current head programmer. He intends to work on either of the BoxSand proposals for his senior project will still consulting on the other project.

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