Project BoxSand Proposal 2: Peer Homework Grading System

Name: KC Walsh
Affiliation: OSU Physics Department
Phone: 541.737.4631
Knowledge Required: Since this project will act as a component to the existing BoxSand site and as a standalone site it is recommended that the language and structure used be similar to the existing BoxSand project. Use of Drupal, PHP, JS, CSS, HTML along with Ruby, Django, and Python is recommended but not required.
Motivation: Educational Research shows there is an important meta-cognitive step in the learning process where students review work and learn what was done correctly and what was done incorrectly. This project intends to address this issue by creating an open source peer homework grading system.

Currently in my class, I follow up each topic’s learning modules with a summative homework event. For physics, this means students demonstrate problem solving that incorporates a synthesis of principles and representations. This work needs to be written out by hand, be graded by a human, and result in partial credit and timely feedback. This structure provides an opportunity for a peer grading system and I'd like you to help us create one. Such systems are not new and have been shown to be very successful, examples include Calibrated Peer Review and Peerceptiv. These systems introduce perpetual cost and move in the opposite direction of Project BoxSand's goal of consolidated open resources and tools.
Description: Our goal is to integrate into the open source site a system where students can turn in their homework digitally. They then will be asked to grade 3 other students’ homework based off a provided solution and rubric. When grading, students will be able to highlight regions of their peer's solutions and provide comments. We will have to implement a scheme that ensures quality grading and awards points fairly. Current systems incorporate a quality grading factor that is determined based off how a particular student’s grading differs from their peers or even the instructors. We can create a system that incentivizes quality grading and constructive feedback by associating points to this exercise. With your help we can create a system that will help students learn better while simultaneously saving them loads of money.
Objectives: Provide an open source peer grading system for the OSU campus.
This project intends to interface with the existing site but can otherwise be considered as a standalone project.
Implement and maintain a complete website and related services.
Deliverables: GitLab hosted repos along with possible contribution to other existing projects.
Other comments: Project BoxSand is large in scope and this peer homework grading system is a key feature. To learn more about the larger project visit There you will find a proposal for the Scholars of Teaching Excellence that I hope to receive to help support this work and more. There are some cool videos about Project BoxSand using the LightBoard Studio.
Max Moulds, a senior in CS, is BoxSand's current head programmer. He intends to work on either of the BoxSand proposals for his senior project will still consulting on the other project.

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