Green Smart Gardening System

Name: Po-Cheng Chen
Affiliation: Intel
Knowledge Required: Basic Physics and electronics knowledge. Require basic micro-controller programming and data analytic skills.
Motivation: The health of lawn and garden is strongly related to the environment factors (e.g. temperature, humility, and soil moisture). In order to have a better control and understanding on the environmental requirements for different plants, a smart garden system that can monitor, extract and control multiple environment parameters will help people reduce maintenance efforts and grow better plants more efficiently.
Description: Smart home gardening has become more popular these years. Throughout this project, students will develop a green energy powered Internet-of-Thing (IOT) device that monitors home environmental conditions by collecting real time crucial information under cloud database and further create an analytic model of the plants growing pattern. The Green Smart Gardening System will then interact with the existing smart house system (e.g. thermostat and sprinkler systems).
Objectives: Build a prototype of green energy (e.g. solar) powered IOT device focusing on the environmental condition monitoring. This project will enable students to learn how to interface with multiple sensors with a micro-controller and collect the analytic data through low-power wireless communication technology to the cloud data base.
Deliverables: A prototype of the smart gardening system with
(1) Basic environment monitoring capability (e.g. soil moisture, temperature, humility, and air condition, etc.) using green energy
(2) Transfer captured data into a computer for data analysis
(3) Transmit analyzed data into a phone or another device wirelessly (optional)
(4) Build data analytic model for plants health verse environment factors (optional)
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