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Name: Dianna Chourarath
Affiliation: CDK Global
Phone: 503-708-5381
Knowledge Required: Javascript, Node.js programming. Knowledge of API’s and database (MongoDB and SQL). Amazon development, FitBit, HoloLens Windows Development…
Motivation: As a software company, we are constantly looking for ways to display keyboard and touch for getting your information. As the technologies of today evolve to the technologies of tomorrow how will people evolve in the way they interact with their devices.
Description: Description:
Every thought to yourself that all the things of today like Amazon Alexa, Google (Home / Ok Google), Fit Bits, iWatches, or even HoloLenses are really cool, but how can I put them all together? Well this is your chance. You pick the tech, we present the data to see what you can make of it. You define the solution. We want you to figure out all the ways you can combine AI / AR / etc into one wholistic solution that interacts with people like never before to allow them to get the information they need in the way they need it.
Objectives: 1. Define the problem set.
2. State how up to 3 of these technologies (AI, Wearables, and AR) can be used in combination to allow.
3. Introduct machine learning capabilities so that this technology learns a persons habits and presents the data to them without them even having to ask for it.
4. We provide the data.
You build the applications that know how to interact with each other using the common set of services and learn how to interact with people as they continue to be interacted with.
Deliverables: 1. A single back end that supports Wearables / AI / AR interactions.
Up to three techs that use that back end to deliver information to the user.
Other comments: Name: Trevor Moore
Affiliation: CDK Global
Phone: 503-294-1322

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