Brewing Operations Management System

Name: Daniel Sharp
Affiliation: Alumnus
Phone: 5038209496
Knowledge Required: Industrial engineering
Supply and scheduling logistics
Human interface and design
Basic understanding of the brewing process
Database structure and design
Familiarity with integrating data collection from a variety of platforms/sources.
Motivation: Breweries rely on rapid transfer of information to track and produce quality beer. Currently, our brewery relies on paper logs with repetitive entry points that require manual data entry into our digital spreadsheet tracking. These methods of data entry and tracking are time consuming and prone to errors which can lead to confusion and delays in receiving important and time sensitive information for process decisions. Additionally, data points are regularly missed due lack of queues to collect data points. When process points are delayed or production schedules are changed, information is not updated in a manner that allows the team to implement these changes into their task planning until it is too late. Addressing these issues would save time, money, and labor as well as streamline data acquisition and reporting for statistical process analyses that would help detect and mitigate quality or production issues in a more timely manner.
Description: Production breweries create a large amount of data. To efficiently capture and use this data, systems must be tailored made to the unique process flows of each brewery. The aim of this project is to create a brewery operations management system and program that can used by brewing team and cellar team members to input data and update task status that allow for real time reporting and access to up to date information. The reporting and communications will be determined by production related data and process updates entered by the production staff or collected automatically via sensors. The scope of this project will be confined to brewing processes from beginning of fermentation to finished beer immediately prior to packaging. It will not include brewhouse related data collection or processes or packaging related data or processes. This will project will be used as a demonstration to its stakeholders of the gains and advantages of a easy to use system and to provide justification to expand the development and scope of this project in future years.
Objectives: Reduce manual data entry to one entry per data point
Eliminate sharing of daily production data and reports via excel and email.
Eliminate manual entry or manual transfer of data that is collected automatically.
Eliminate paper tracking logs with real time updates that can accessed from any device.
Deliverables: Design an easy to use mobile and desktop friendly human interface for production data collection and reporting.
Create production reports of cellaring activities.
Design structure to allow future integration of automatic data entry from instruments and sensors.
Other comments: Team Members:
Lily Shellhammer
Connor Christensen
William Buffum

The intent of this project is to create a test version of this system to trial in our brewery and provide justification for continued development. There are a few platforms out there already to reference.

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