I Heart Corvallis Mobile Application

Name: Lyndi-Rae Elisabeth Petty
Affiliation: Corvallis Community Relations (Office of Student Life)
Phone: 2083608107
E-mail: pettyl@oregonstate.edu
Knowledge Required: iOS and Android app development skills, UX/UI design skills
Motivation: This initiative strives to improve our OSU and Corvallis community, but our office does not have the technical skills required to build this tool.
Description: Corvallis Community Relations enhances neighborhood livability and inspires a shared responsibility for creating a healthy, inclusive OSU-Corvallis community. We are looking for creative EECS students to develop a mobile application as part of our upcoming initiative titled “I heart Corvallis”. The mobile application would serve as a tool for our office to incentivize and encourage civic engagement among students at Oregon State University. The app would be used by students as a “passport” to acquire stamps for engaging in various activities in the community (i.e. service projects, attending a city council meeting, attending a workshop, etc). Students will be rewarded for completing a certain number of activities. The app would also serve as a platform to provide basic information about the initiative and other resources around Corvallis.
Objectives: Develop a mobile application that can be utilized on both iOS and Android devices and is user friendly for students and community partners
Deliverables: A mobile application for both iOS and Android devices
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