VR Gaming Table

Name: D Kevin McGrath
Affiliation: Oregon State EECS
E-mail: dmcgrath@oregonstate.edu
Knowledge Required: Graphics, VR, basic understanding of games.
Motivation: Getting enough people together to play any given board game is often the most challenging aspect of playing a game. What if we could play a board game together with people who aren't physical present?
Description: The basic idea is to create a VR gaming table, where users physically interact with the game. This differs from online or tablet based versions in that we see the pieces in 3D, interact with them, and ideally have some visible avatar of all players.

This isn't playing against an AI opponent. You'd still need to find a live human to interact with. But it allows gaming with physically remote friends, or lets gaming groups stay together after members move around.
Objectives: Create a PoC VR gaming table. Should be able to at least play checkers and go. Ideally, pick one more complex game with multiple physical constructs, such as Above and Below, Cosmic Encounter, or Race for the Galaxy. Scan/create/import all necessary assets, and be able to play the game!
Deliverables: Full stack for VR gaming table. Extensible via some form of plug-in system so that we can add games later.
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