3D Manufacturing Monitor System

Name: D Kevin McGrath
Affiliation: Oregon State EECS
E-mail: dmcgrath@oregonstate.edu
Knowledge Required:
Motivation: Watching 3D printers is really boring. But I don't want to waste filament or risk damaging the printer if a print fails. So let's automate the process!
Description: I'm looking for a monitor system for arbitrary 3D manufacturing systems. The primary use case is 3D printing, but CnC and laser cutting are viable use cases as well.
Objectives: Integration of a depth-sensing or 3D camera (such as RealSense) into a monitoring system that takes in a 3D model, and verifies that it is successfully building/cutting on a digital manufacturing platform.
Other comments: The basic idea is if I know the geometry, I know when it goes sideways.

   D. Kevin McGrath
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