eBay iOS eSports Application

Name: Luther Boorn
Affiliation: eBay
Phone: 503-914-8967
E-mail: lboorn@ebay.com
Website: www.ebay.com
Knowledge Required: iOS knowledge.
Some usage of Swift programming language.
API integration.
Motivation: eBay would like to test the new public APIs while learning about the eSports market and shopping opportunities.
Description: Create an iOS application for eBay to target eSports users developed in the swift language with the intention to publish on the iTunes store.
Objectives: Develop an iOS application in Swift.
Utilize eBay public buying APIs.
Target Melenial gamers to help understand the market.
Connect to event and esports scores apis, twitter, and facebook to add a social component.
Deliverables: Swift source code.
iOS application that could be published on iTunes.
Other comments: eBay would really like to mentor students interested in native application development. Our native application development team is located in Portland.

   D. Kevin McGrath
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