Social Mobile App Journal

Name: David Vasquez
Affiliation: Oregon State University
Knowledge Required: Ability to develop an application you can choose how you want to do it but potentially Java, XML, Swift, Objective C or React Native. If work is done on the server either Python, Node JS, PHP or a language of your choice. It will include a secure login and ideally will use JSON for the API.
Motivation: The motivation is to build an app that functions with a single user (journal) and as a social network. This app would make it is to use your phone to write about your day and include photos. Most social networks don’t allow for much depth in the posts and this would give the ability to follow users in more detail.
Description: The idea for this is relatively simple and involves building a mobile app journal where you can gain followers, follow others and choose which of your journal (or blog) entries you want to share. An idea of how it works is a hybrid of Instagram and Twitter but users can make longer and more detailed posts that people can like.
Objectives: The objective is to develop a mobile application that works as a journal.
Deliverables: A working mobile application ideally for an iPhone but Android would be nice also. I can provide most of the REST API if the team wants it.
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