Billiards Multi-angle Monitoring with Real-Sense

Name: Paul Soldan
Phone: 5033513424
Knowledge Required: Software programming skills
Video capture methodologies
Video encoding schemes
Camera technologies
Motivation: I have been an avid poiolplayer for over 5 years. I have a pool table in my garage for practice. I believe that I can identify dysfunction in my pool playing through careful analysis of my practice.
Description: Camera and software system for monitoring poolplaying of both the player and the table. Monitoring the player (form, stroke, aim on the cue ball, actual hit on the cue ball, etc) and seeing the result on the table with careful analysis will identify issues that, if improved, will result in better pool playing.
Objectives: Design a system of cameras aimed at both the pool table and the player to record play
Design a software application to:
* Record from multiple cameras
* Provide viewing, editing and saving features
Deliverables: Software application to record from multiple sources, playback instantly during record or afterwards, edit, save and share.
Bill of materials for hardware required with options for recommended, expensive and inexpensive configurations.
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