A Kinect based virtual physical therapy solution

Name: Mehmet Serdar Kilinc
Affiliation: OSU Healthcare Systems Engineering Lab
E-mail: serdarmehmet@gmail.com
Website: http://research.engr.oregonstate.edu/hse/
Knowledge Required: Kinect SDK works with Visual Studio. C# or C++ are required.
Motivation: Parkinson’s Disease is a neurodegenerative condition that places a high burden on patient quality of life and independence. Physical therapy is a part of the treatment to control and delay PD-related symptoms. However, patients access to physical therapy clinics is problematic due to physical disability that inhibits traveling and therapy assessment are usually subjective. Non-wearable sensor-based solutions (e.g. Microsoft Kinect) have the potential to reduce the number of in-person visits and long-distance travel burden of PD patients and provide more objective and frequent motor symptom monitoring.
Description: The Kinect sensor, which is used in Xbox devices, can collect gait data without the need for contact with the human body. Our recent research in Healthcare System Engineering (HSE) Lab demonstrated that the collected gait data can be analyzed by artificial intelligence methods to support early detection, remote monitoring, or physical rehabilitation in Parkinson’s disease.

As the next step, HSE Lab wants to develop a Kinect-based virtual physical therapy solution for Parkinson’s Disease patients which can be used in a clinic or at home. The solution will guide the patient on exercises by providing spoken/on-screen instructions and track whether or not they're doing their exercises correctly. It will collect data about the exercise and send it to physical therapist. Physical therapist will be allowed to prescribe/customize exercises that are predefined in the software.

In this project, the students will have chance to work with Samaritan Physical Rehabilitation Clinic.
Objectives: Learn the basic physical therapy exercises assigned to Parkinson’s Disease patients.

Develop a software which tracks and stores human body movements using Kinect sensor, allows defining and customizing physical therapy exercises for each patient, generates reports of physical therapy exercises and patient progress.
Deliverables: A working Kinect sensor-based virtual physical therapy solution
Other comments: Healthcare System Engineering (HSE) Lab in OSU is a research center which focuses on innovative non-traditional healthcare models, information technology healthcare interventions, and translational research (e.g., moving scientific findings from the bench to the bedside). Recently, HSE Lab held a Robots and Sensors for Healthcare Systems Engineering workshop, which was attended by a wide variety of participants from academy, technology companies, and healthcare providers. Current research projects of HSE are on sensor-based healthcare solutions.

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