Linking Seasonal Weather Data to AgBizClimate™

Name: Clark Seavert
Affiliation: Oregon State University
Phone: 503-961-4709
Knowledge Required: Experience with Python is required. Knowledge of Django, AngularJS, JSON, or Git is preferred.
Motivation: From working on the AgBiz Logic project, you'll gain software development experience in a small team startup environment. Technical experience will include backend web development, relational database administration, and RESTful API creation and management.
Description: The Applied Economics department is looking for Capstone Students to enhance AgBiz LogicTM (, an economic, financial, climate, and environmental online decision tool for agricultural producers. Five modules make up AgBiz Logic (ABL): AgBizClimate, AgBizProfit, AgBizLease, AgBizFinance and AgBizEnvironment.

This year's team of students will work to link seasonal weather data from the Northwest Climate Toolbox ( to AgBizClimate, in order to determine how short-term climate change may impact net returns for crops and livestock enterprises. Past students from the CS Capstone Course are now members of the dynamic ABL development team.
Objectives: Transfer and integrate data from the Northwest Climate Toolbox database into AgBizClimate for producer analysis.
Deliverables: Actionable data that can be displayed and utilized in AgBizClimate.
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