Connectivity: News from the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Spring 2013

The EECS Culture of Innovation

A shoe that harvests energy, computers that watch football — our faculty and students are breaking new ground in diverse areas. Enjoy this glimpse of the innovative projects in EECS. To see more than 100 novel senior design projects, come to Oregon State's Engineering Expo which showcases the work of our talented undergraduates, including Rich Meier, featured in Full of Energy.


Tom Dietterich
Driven by Curiosity (link to video)

Simple curiosity drove Tom Dietterich's broad research interests that span several areas of science, engineering, and biomedicine. Widely recognized for his role in creating and nurturing the area of machine learning — a field revolutionizing science, industry and government — his influence was acknowledged this year by Oregon State University when he was selected to be a "Distinguished Professor," the highest honor for faculty.

Rich Meier
Full of Energy

Focused but far from one-dimensional, Rich Meier chose engineering to be his main priority of his varied interests and talents. Even though he had scholarship offers to play football at other colleges, he didn't think twice about coming to Oregon State for the engineering program.



Alan Fern
Watching Football for Science (link to video)

Although he had no background in computer vision, Alan Fern decided to pursue a self-proclaimed "crackpot idea" of trying to get a computer to understand a football game. He teamed up with computer vision expert, Sinisa Todorovic, and together they are working with a top company in the area of sports video storage and organization. The company services over 13,000 high school, college, and professional teams including the Oregon State Beavers.

Igor Vytyaz
Blending a New SPICE

A dash of circuit design know-how and a pinch of artistic creativity turned out to be just the right mix for Igor Vytyaz when he began dabbling in developing an Android app similar to SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis), a software tool to simulate integrated circuits.


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