Connectivity: News from the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Fall 2014

Gaining Momentum

The School of EECS is growing rapidly, including 14 new faculty in the last two years, and the Center for Applied Systems and Software (CASS) which formed this fall. The new additions fit well into the culture of collaboration in EECS which has produced amazing innovations such as transparent transistors. Our students thrive in this environment including Daren Keck whose collaborations cross over into music.
EECS new faculty
Connecting the Dots

Interdisciplinary collaboration was top on the list of reasons to come to Oregon State for 14 new faculty in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The new professors hired in the last two years specialize in diverse areas such as computer security, computational biology, sensors, signal processing and software engineering, but many are so cross-disciplinary they are hard to define by a single area group.

CASS leadership team
Inovation Engine Revs Up

A new Oregon State University center offering services in product testing, software development and hosting in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) formed this fall and has hit the ground running with their first client, Oregon Sea Grant. Fortunate timing facilitated the partnership of the Open Source Lab (OSL) and the Business Solutions Group (BSG) to create the Center for Applied Systems and Software (CASS).

John Wager
Seeing the Future

John Wager eagerly awaited the arrival of his new computer monitor — not just because it was the newest Retina display from Apple — but because some of the technology inside it was developed in his lab over a decade ago. “It’s mind boggling!” Wager said of the recent commercialization of technology that was initially a very small fish in a $100 billion industry.

Daren Keck
Engineering Music

A chance encounter set Oregon State University computer science student, Daren Keck, on a path to create an electronic musical instrument that indulged his interests in choral and minimalist music.



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