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Course Syllabi

Click on the links below to see a pdf of the ABET syllabus for the course.

CS 160: Computer Science Orientation23.51 KB
CS 161: Introduction to Computer Science I23.93 KB
CS 162: Introduction to Computer Science II23.97 KB
CS 225: Discrete Structures in Computer Science23.76 KB
CS 261: Data Structures24.26 KB
CS 271: Computer Architecture and Assembly Language24.3 KB
CS 275: Introduction to Databases25.6 KB
CS 295: Intermediate Web Authoring24.99 KB
CS 311: Operating Systems I25.74 KB
CS 321: Introduction to Theory of Computation23.76 KB
CS 325: Analysis of Algorithms47 KB
CS 331: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence23.47 KB
CS 352: Introduction to Usability Engineering26.13 KB
CS 361: Software Engineering I24.84 KB
CS 362: Software Engineering II24.17 KB
CS 372: Introduction to Computer Networks26.39 KB
CS 381: Programming Language Fundamentals25.24 KB
CS 391: Social & Ethical Issues in Computing23.77 KB
CS 411: Operating Systems II24.57 KB
CS 420: Graph Theory with Applications to Computer Science23.85 KB
CS 434: Machine Learning and Data Mining22.93 KB
CS 440: Database Management Systems23.99 KB
CS 450: Introduction to Computer Graphics23.64 KB
CS 457/557: Computer Graphics Shaders24.81 KB
CS 461, 462, 463: Senior Software Engineering Project24.08 KB
CS 472: Computer Architecture23.95 KB
CS 475: Introduction to Parallel Computing24.86 KB
CS 476/576: Advanced Computer Networking24.6 KB
CS 480: Translators24.27 KB
CS 491: CS Skills for Simulation and Game Programming24.27 KB
CS 494: Web Development23.82 KB
CS 496: Mobile and Cloud Software Development20.6 KB
ECE 111: Introduction to ECE: Tools13.85 KB
ECE 112: Introduction to ECE: Concepts13.21 KB
ECE 152: Introduction to Programming II with Embedded Control Lab23.74 KB
ECE 271: Digital Logic Design17.91 KB
ECE 272: Digital Logic Design Laboratory16.21 KB
ECE 416: Electronic Materials & Devices13.08 KB
ECE 322: Electronics I16.99 KB
ECE 323: Electronics II16.56 KB
ECE 331: Electromechanical Energy Conversion16.11 KB
ECE 351: Signals & Systems I13.66 KB
ECE 352: Signals & Systems II17.01 KB
ECE 353: Introduction to Probability & Random Signals16.74 KB
ECE 372: Introduction to Computer Networks18.1 KB
ECE 375: Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming23.69 KB
ECE 390: Electric & Magnetic Fields23.58 KB
ECE 391: Transmission Lines13.61 KB
ECE 413: Sensors21.84 KB
ECE 415: Materials Science of Nanotechnology140.85 KB
ECE 416/ECE 516: Electronic Materials & Devices16.99 KB
ECE 417/ECE517: Basic Semiconductor Devices22.36 KB
ECE 418/518: Semiconductor Processing25.71 KB
ECE 422: CMOS Integrated Circuits I16.81 KB
ECE 423: CMOS Integrated Circuits II16.38 KB
ECE 431/531: Power Electronics16.37 KB
ECE 432/532: Dynamics of Electromechanical Energy Conversion16.39 KB
ECE 433: Power Systems Analysis16.6 KB
ECE 437/537: Smart Grid22.48 KB
ECE 438: Electric and Hybrid Vehicles23.26 KB
ECE 441, 442, 443: Engineering Design Project17.74 KB
ECE 451: Systems Dynamics & Control25.73 KB
ECE 461: Introduction to Analog and Digital Communications15.8 KB
ECE 462: Digital Communications & Channel Coding23.98 KB
ECE 463: Wireless Communication Networks22.65 KB
ECE 464/564: Digital Signal Processing17.43 KB
ECE 468: Digital Image Processing16.87 KB
ECE 471/571: Advanced Digital Logic and Integrated Circuit Design16.45 KB
ECE 472: Computer Architecture16.55 KB
ECE 473/573: Microcontroller System Design16.64 KB
ECE 474: VLSI System Design16.13 KB
ECE 476/576: Advanced Computer Networking17.62 KB
ECE 477: Multimedia Systems17.05 KB
ECE 478: Network Security24.74 KB
ECE 482: Optical Electronic Systems16.51 KB
ECE 483: Guided Wave Optics18.6 KB
ECE 484: Antennas & Propagation76.17 KB
ECE 485: Microwave Design Techniques24.91 KB
ENGR 201: Electrical Fundamentals I16.35 KB
ENGR 202: Electrical Fundamentals II23.89 KB
ENGR 203: Electrical Fundamentals III12.24 KB