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Get into Pro School

Students studying outside

Minimum Application Requirements

  • Students must be admitted to OSU and in good academic standing with the University. Students on academic probation or suspension with OSU are not eligible to apply for, or be admitted to the Professional Program.
  • Pre-engineering Core (Pre-Core) GPA of 2.25.  Pre-Core courses are identified by a superscript ā€œEā€ in the OSU catalog.
  • All Pre-Core courses must be completed with a C or better (C- or better prior to Fall, 2008) before the beginning of the term of admission to the Professional Program. S/U grading may not be elected.
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.25 for all college level courses

Apply to Pro School

Application Deadlines:

  • July 1 for Fall term admission (application available April 15)
  • November 1 for Winter term admission (this cycle ONLY for non-capacity constrained majors)

Admission Process

  • The Pre-Core GPA is calculated for all students applying to a given program that meet the minimum qualifications described above.
  • Applicants are rank ordered by Pre-Core GPA. This calculation is described in the College of Engineering Undegraduate Policy Manual.
  • The number of students admitted to the program is determined based on available resources.  Students meeting the minimum Pre-Core of 2.25 may or may not be admitted depending on available resources.

Late Submission of Application

  •  Late applications to pro-school are not allowed.  Please make sure you apply by the applicable deadline.

For more details go to the Professional Program section of the College of Engineering Undergraduate Policy Manual.